June 2013 Freezer meals…. recipes and cost

We are doing 6 meals… each are described below with cost and ingredient list…

Tandoori-Style Chicken- for the grill                     Serves 4,  COST: $ $6.44

4 chicken breasts, 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1 1/2 Tbl lemon juice, 2 cloves garlic, minced, 1/8 cup olive oil, 3/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper, 1 1/2 tsp paprika, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1/2 tsp tumeric, 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

Teriyaki Chicken- for the grill              Serves 4, COST: $4.05

4 Chicken thighs, 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 Tbl sesame oil, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/3 cup water

Herb Rubbed Hamburger Patties- for the grill                 8 patties,  COST: $7.55

2 lb Hamburger, 2 Tbl of rub (recipe to follow), 3 Tbl course grained mustard

RUB: oregano, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, smoked paprika

Philly Cheesesteak- crock pot             Serves 4-6,  COST: $11.10

This is for just the meat, you will need to get buns and cheese to add to the meal.

1 1/2 lb round steak, bell pepper, medium onion, can beef broth, italian dressing pkg.

Shredded Pork- crock pot                    Serves 4-6,  COST: $7.80

Can make a salad or tacos with this meat

1 1/2 lb Pork , 16 oz jar salsa…. mild, med or hot depending on your preference of heat, 1 Tbl chili powder, 1 Tbl cumin, 2 Tbl brown sugar, 1 Tbl cayenne pepper, 1 tsp salt, 3 cloves garlic, minced, 1/2 cup water

Twice Baked Potatoes- heat in micro or oven       serves 4,  COST: $4.35

3 large baking potatoes (this makes 6 portions), 1/2 cup chicken broth, 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup chopped green onions, 1/4 tsp paprika, 1 tsp dijon mustard


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